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Wow. Such range, passion and variety! You really are great at this.

Why aren't you doing this for a living yet, exactly?

Shock-Dingo responds:

Hah, thanks for the support dude! Heh, I'm trying to go the full time route, but it's a bit slow. Hopefully I can make some great headway for 2014. fingers crossed!

Welcome back to NG! I usually avoid using the e-word because it's so cliche, but I'll just come out and say it: this piece is epic. Grats, man. You've got this contest in the BAG.

Gravey responds:

Thanks buddy.

I agree with the guy below me. I have this on loop while I work because the bulk is just so catchy and awesome, but I sigh every time it ends and I have to wait through the beginning again. The beginning, yes, is very boring.

Wow, I really like this. I bet you'll make it to round 3! ;)

I have a Flash series involving a race of mysterious, time-traveling, sufficiently advanced humans from 1002010 A.D.... I think this ambiance pretty much fits them perfectly.

You may find this in a future Flash of mine!

It fits the mood I'm looking for perfectly, a certain shot that comes to my mind most prominently is a sweeping pan of their sleek, curved architecture.

Also a bit of a coincidence, these people are called "greymen". Honestly, when I heard this I almost thought it was a tribute but then I caught myself and attempted to deflate my giant swollen head. Sorry.

Agh dammit I have a bus to catch early tomorrow morning but I can't get to bed now because I can't stop listening to this damn loop! >:[

I've been listening to it for 3 hours straight while working on my flash, and before that I was listening to it for 6 hours straight.

Congratulations, this song is TOO awesome and addictive.
Oh, you're good at this. You're good.

5'd and fav'd!

Awesome as always, albeit a little slower than most of your others. It's very interesting. I love those guitar-ish synths. Spacetacular. Futurific. I dunno.

Gravey responds:

Thanks Evan.


very nice...

its really good to see this huge storm of activity. three songs in a couple of days!
... you should be sick more often.
i pretty much agree with everything hell-diguner said, and I LOVE THE VARIETY. this song is so very cool, kinda makes me wanna dance. and its not often i find a song that makes me want to dance! good thing i know to check your audio often XD
keep crankin out those toons! And i hope to see that album soon!

So! i see that you're back!

excellent! excellent news! excellent song! excellent that i finally know there's an approximate release date set for the new album! really looking forward to it.

your happy songs always make me smile.
this one kind of reminds me of some medieval civilization that is capable of spaceflight for some reason /:|
odd i know, but it just does.
i love how your songs always provoke some kind of imagery in my head.
i especially love 1:35 and on.


this song is the whole sci-fi package. it's so futuristic... i cant tell if it reminds me of a big, thriving city with really tall buildings or a massive, high-tech space station. ill just go with a big thriving city with really tall buildings.

also, it also kind of reminds me of the "futurama" soundtrack; simplistic melodies, a sort of hip-hop beat, and lots of little blurps, beeps and laser noises here and there.

im considering using this for a futuristic stage in a game im making.

Thank you for this...um... epicness..!

GameBalance responds:

if you edit it to short 1-2 mins it be good

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