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May I try

This was among the smoothest-animated shots and one of my personal favs - awesome job!!!

I love how Christmas is a day we can all come together, put our differences aside, hold hands... and hate on those wishy-washy fucking centrists.

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I did not enjoy this at all. seriously...nothing original. nothing. this is like that flaming zombooka game except with an annoying pop star as the target, and annoying background music. I know people are just gonna vote this up because it features killing a hated public figure, maybe even because of the name, but seriously, the game just took the flaming zombooka engine and made it so it would get instant 5's. Quality and originality I say 0. Music especially I say 0.

wtf is this?

it's not even a game, i think that has been stated many times.
belugerin, when will you learn to stop resubmitting a game as an expansion pack? this will be the third time you've resubmitted this particular one.
Besides that, this game doesn't even look fun at all. It just looks like you have to spam units to win, which is NOT FUN. Also, all the units appear to be exactly the same as the earlier versions of this game.

quit spamming the portal with your rehashes of tired games. And how did this get a weekly prize? oh wait, it DIDN'T. You probably just hacked the portal so it would show up with the weekly winners so you could get views.


oh look. a review of only 2 stars. useless review.

where to start?

ok, first of all, this game pissed me off right from the getgo. its really not that fun at all. i try to make a crapload of lumber mills and gold mines so i can gather resources, all the while adding homes and farms and training an army... but what's this? when i try to sell a building i dont need anymore, they're only redeemable for gold and material and not the hard-earned civilian labor i wasted on that piece of crap. i eventually ended out with a negative number of civilians (how is that even possible?) thats just sloppy programming on your part.

also, the battle mechanics are very poorly explained, to say the least. sometimes i would lose the battle before it even started. WTF. i eventually just started over fresh and somehow got all the way to the last stage. oh my god. i got to the robot era!! a miracle!!

The only thing motivating me this whole time was the art and music, not at all the gameplay. The art was very well done and the music was very cool, so +2 stars... The gameplay just got in the way. +0 stars. IT SUCKS.

Also, i understand that you were trying to include mythical beings into a game that clearly involves history. I found the "dark age" very inappropriate for a beginning stage. First of all, why wold you even? Second of all, the beginning stage looks to be based on some kind of anglo-saxon "middle earth" type civilization. The anglo-saxons didnt come till after the fall of the roman empire. An egyptian civilization or a neolithic civilization wouldve been better.

Also, it seems to be a lot of wasted effort to put in the roman civilization after the greek one. Since the romans copied off of EVERYthing the greeks had, i dont know why you would do them BOTH. you couldve just done one or the other and no one wouldve been the wiser. I felt sorry for the artist who had to conceptualize the architecture.

Which brings me to the architecture and appearance of the buildings:
cool and fitting for each era.

In short, this game sucks.
art: +9/10
music: +9/10
gameplay: +0/10

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Wow. Such range, passion and variety! You really are great at this.

Why aren't you doing this for a living yet, exactly?

Shock-Dingo responds:

Hah, thanks for the support dude! Heh, I'm trying to go the full time route, but it's a bit slow. Hopefully I can make some great headway for 2014. fingers crossed!

Welcome back to NG! I usually avoid using the e-word because it's so cliche, but I'll just come out and say it: this piece is epic. Grats, man. You've got this contest in the BAG.

Gravey responds:

Thanks buddy.

I agree with the guy below me. I have this on loop while I work because the bulk is just so catchy and awesome, but I sigh every time it ends and I have to wait through the beginning again. The beginning, yes, is very boring.

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you and i know that i already commented on this on DA but i must do it again, and say a million times over, that i love this piece and that you spent so much time on it for me. also that and i love ya. <3 <3 <3 <3

Triggershock responds:

And again, I'm glad you like it! :D And I love you too. <3 <3 <3 <3

bionicle influenced my childhood profoundly...

damn...its really been a whole decade since they came out in 2001, when i was only 7. that mata nui online game was the first flash game i ever really got into, which got me into flash animation, which is now most of what i do! WOA.

anyway, a beautiful lil sprite of my favorite toa. kudos!


so this is what the song "afterburners"was for.
it's a really cool song and looks fitting for what this looks like so far.
What's that thing in the front that reminds me of a spiky bird's head?

Waterflame responds:


Also, a bird head is sorta just what it is, the craft is called "vulture" :)
its a sensor front, wich detects collision, fence off guided missiles, etc.
Offensive sensors, basicly. :) thanks!

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