Attention, people who remember me!

2013-11-14 16:57:24 by EVanimations

That's right, all 538 of you.

I now actually pay attention to my twitter account.

So, you know... follow it.



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2013-11-14 18:02:18

I dont do twitter, though, I do follow you here. I love your stuff man.

EVanimations responds:


Yeah very few of my friends use Twitter, but if I want to expand my internet presence I might as well give it a shot.

Ah well, what are you gonna do. *shrugs*


2013-11-16 04:12:44

I stopped paying attention to Twitter a few years ago though. :P

EVanimations responds:

Aw man. But I like you :(


2013-11-27 10:43:47

I'll always pay attention to Newgrounds though! :O