Pretentious Old Men

2013-09-04 14:57:55 by EVanimations

Got inspired coming back from the beach after seeing an ugly, high-pollution industrial complex next to a quiet suburban neighborhood. This coupled with the NSA debacle and proposed intervention in Syria is enough to make an entire generation cynical. Trust neither the Dems nor the GOP, for both are on opposite sides of the same evil coin.

This is probably the first time I've ever made a political artwork.

Pretentious Old Men


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2013-09-06 07:27:27

That's about the size of it. Could this image be our soon-to-be future, where the corporations seize control after an apocalyptic calamity befalls us? Seems terribly likely. All it takes, is for good men to say 'no', one more time than they want us to say 'yes'.

Who needs horror movies when you got Drudge Report, right?