Minecraft: Robot Utopia resource pack 2.0

2013-07-22 08:57:32 by EVanimations

Download here and leave feedback!

2 weeks late for Robot Day, but it's pretty much finished. I hope you like it! ;)

The Robot Utopia texture pack brings the Minecraft world into the inevitable, far-flung post-post-apocalyptic future in which all squishy nature and life as we know it have long since been exterminated, and our glorious mechanical overlords have replaced it with their sleek, shiny artifice.

EDIT: Anyone wiling to help make custom robot/metallic sounds?

Minecraft: Robot Utopia resource pack 2.0


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2013-07-22 12:49:36

looks nice

(Updated ) EVanimations responds:

Thanks bro


2013-07-23 19:39:09

Any chance of a 32x pack?

(Updated ) EVanimations responds:



This took a long time to make, and I'm nearly finished. I'm not going to start all over with effectively twice as much work to do.

MAYBE when I have less work to do.


2013-07-23 22:27:49

Really good texturepack, dude.

EVanimations responds: