FINALS. grrr.

2013-06-13 20:15:01 by EVanimations

WHEW. Who else hates finals?

To any who care, sorry for being gone for so long. This quarter has just been really stressful, especially leading up to the finals.

Sadly, I haven't had any time to make progress in the way of a new ET Excursion project because the work load wouldn't permit.

However, I have learned some great new skills, mostly pertaining to Aftereffects, Nuke, and 3DSMax. This means the quality of my work will now probably increase about 3x.

I'll try to get some Flash work done over break!

Here's my final project for Intermediate Broadcast Graphics...

Here's my final film project for Directing and Producing class...

And here's the character I made for Hard Surface and Organic Modeling with a bit of speedy photoshop work.

FINALS. grrr.


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2013-06-13 22:11:30

From the blurb that accompanied the Directing and Production video, I'd say you got a good taste of what it's like! Also, lead your target (subject) when it's in motion; don't go crazy on headspace, unless there's jumping involved. I guess the echo could be fixed in post, but never underestimate the value of a shotgun mic or sound absorbing materials off-screen.
Broadcast graphics were awesome! I'm sure you'll get better than a passing grade on all fronts!


2013-06-13 22:12:32

[Oh, nice, so much for the anti-double-posting-code. Sorry mate.]

EVanimations responds:

S'all good. I can delete them.