What is the optimal method of exporting flash for Youtube? Also, who would help me out on Kickstarter?

2013-01-20 13:26:28 by EVanimations

I need some help with exporting flash videos to Youtube. I export the flash as an MPEG-4, but the color turns out all muddy and the black is very overpowering. If I try exporting as any other file format, it loses frames and the audio does a terrible job of syncing up. What is the optimal method of exporting flash for Youtube?

Also, I'm thinking of starting a Kickstarter campaign. The ultimate goal is to get enough money so I can hire some animators, put together a season of episodes, and sell the premise under the condition that I perform the writing and concepts.

I need some ideas for rewards. I was thinking some posters and t-shirts for the lower investments.

Who of you fine, sexy, lovely misanthropes out there would be willing to help me out?

In other news, ExoTemporal Excursion (E.T. Excursion) 4 is almost done. I'd give it another 2 weeks. Here's a preview.

Have an EXCELLENT day!

What is the optimal method of exporting flash for Youtube? Also, who would help me out on Kickstarter?


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2013-01-20 15:19:16

You could always try have us newgrounders collab on a project like that right?

(Updated ) EVanimations responds:

Of course! I asked around 2 weeks ago though and nobody seemed interested enough to even respond.

I guess we'll just have to see once this project is made public.


2013-01-20 15:40:44

Lol, nice teaser. :D

EVanimations responds:



2013-01-20 16:13:29

Export it as mov or wmv


2013-01-20 17:43:01


EVanimations responds:

Hrmm, yes. That split-second is rather spiffing. O_Q


2013-01-21 10:16:32

The best method is actually to export your animation as png sequence and composite them together in After Effects or Premier.

But from what i suspect, you probably animated with lots of nested animations and plenty of filters, so exporting thru the main timeline wouldn't work so well.

So the next best way is to export it as quicktime video. In the settings you can choose the compression you want. For youtube, H264 is probably the better compression, but the quality might not be that good, so you might want to export it out using Animation compression, and then bring to another program to convert it to a smaller compression (you can adjust the bitrate as well.)

As for sounds, please avoid exporting it together with the movie. There's a few ways you can do it.
The best way is to add the sounds in another program, like after effects or premier.
Or, if you already have all the sounds done in flash, synce nicely, you can export the whole thing out as a wav file or mp3. Then you put them together in AE or Premier.

Flash is build more for web and interactive stuffs, so the exporting doesn't work as well as the video programs. Try to work with all the diff programs to get the best quality for your projects.

Cheers, hope these helps. :)


2013-01-21 13:13:21

Wowww! This will be cool!:D I love you animations!

EVanimations responds:

Awe. <3


2013-01-21 14:56:04

Do you have a tutorial how to animate!I wanna animate like you!Ps: You are awesome!

EVanimations responds:

I don't have a tutorial, but I could make one.


2013-01-21 15:15:44

Please make one!