Animators wanted! Revival of my game, project developments, other stuff too.

2013-01-04 15:03:12 by EVanimations

Quick update on the project: 4 out of 7 scenes are completely done! I guess you can expect the finished project out by the end of this month or possibly by the middle of next month. Seriously, this thing is a doozie. ET Excursion 4 will be the biggest thing I've ever made.

Which brings me to my next point: for ET Excursion 5 onwards, I'd like to gather a team of animators who would be willing to work collaboratively. I have big plans for this series but I feel that the time spent in development between each episode is becoming a major hindrance. I also have a lot of other things on my mind, like jobs, school, and relationships.

Best-case scenario, I gather a couple loyal animators who could use some experience, lead development from a writing and art-direction standpoint, and am able to pop out a new episode every month or two.

Worst-case scenario, I don't get any animators and have to work on each 7-minute-long episode myself for a year at a time, while life constantly interrupts my creative process.

Also, I plan on reviving this flash game I was working on for 2 very procrastinatey years. Development halted due to a lack of interest on my part, and a lack of communication from the programmer. It probably wasn't going to be much fun anyway.

I reimagined it though, and it will be very different from the original vision, which was a fairly simple platform shooter. This time it will be a puzzle platform shooter, incorporating all 3 main characters of ET Excursion: Brian, Meredith, and Xleek. There will be character-switching involved, and each character has its own abilities: Meredith accumulates points, Brian removes obstacles, and Xleek kicks enemy ass. I hope to include an online co-op mechanic.

If you want in, just hit me up!

TL;DR: If you are an animator with free time and feel like you don't get the attention that you deserve, PM me and I'll help you out! Also, I could use a few programmers and level designers who know what they're doing so we can work on reviving my long-lost flash game.

Animators wanted! Revival of my game, project developments, other stuff too.


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2013-01-05 06:15:39

wish i could help good luck I still remeber when you posted part of the game