Entry #58

It's been a while, Newgrounds.

2017-08-02 13:01:13 by EVanimations


Yea, yea, I know. This is like the third time I've tried to reboot ETX. I figure most people would've moved on by now, and here I am clinging to this single premise for a series and trying with all my might to make it succeed. Dedication? Or insanity?

It's both, really. I have this sentimentality towards this IP of mine and I'm really not willing to let go of it so easily.

That said, this time I'm going into making ETX with a process, and a plan. I've learned a lot over my 3 years of animating professionally, and I've taken a very streamlined and eh. "Efficient" approach to animating these things, in a way that takes only a few months as opposed to many. Plus, I'm working with others this time. But why are you reading this when you could watch it? I do have a video after all. https://youtu.be/so8QJ31A_dQ

Plus, I already have a bit of a backlog on YT, so you'll be seeing those few videos here as well shortly.



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2017-08-04 02:11:35

Ah okay, so this is a clean start and new process going into ETX. Reviewed your latest stuff on YT, hmm maybe a slight bass increase to all the dialog would help offset the future-human buzzy voices. I'm being hypercritical of course, go get 'em tiger.