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Rick and Morty and ET Excursion

2014-04-09 20:42:32 by EVanimations

So Rick and Morty might just be my favorite show ever...

But that's because it's so similar to how ET Excursion is supposed to be. High-concept sci-fi stuff involving time travel, alternate dimensions, and bizarre futures. If I continue with the series, will new viewers think I'm just copying Rick and Morty? Would it ruin my chance for a successful pitch?

On the other hand, seeing how popular this show is becoming, I know there's definitely an audience for that kind of thing. I think the best thing I can do is try to stay unique, and now I have a legitimate reason to push for that. I just have to keep trying.

And just to be clear, I'm not bitching, just having a bit of a crisis and just needed to vent; I guess we'll have to see how it plays out. I'm not mad at the voice actor of Lemongrab for making the show, I love it! It feels like it was made for me.


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2014-08-20 08:16:39

If anything, at least in my opinion, the popularity of Rick and Morty proves even more that ET Excursion should be continued. Rick and Morty is unique, and so is ET Excursion. They have similarities, true, but calling one a clone of the other is like calling Sonic games and Mario games clones of each other. ET Excursion and Rick and Morty are, if anything, in the same subgenre. Which I don't know what to call since "Sci-fi series involving social outcast with access to incredible technology and possession of incredible intellect and various antisocial tendencies and a rude personality forcibly dragging people who would be considered normal and every day on wild dangerous adventures across space and time" is way too fuckin long to be the name of a subgenre. But other than that, they're pretty different. And ET Excursions, Rick and Morty, they're the only sci fi comedies like each other. They're hilarious and exciting and in my opinion ET Excursions is better, or at least it would be if it was staffed by dozens of people and had a network budget. As is, ET Excursion is definitely on par with Rick and Morty. I love them both, and for either of them to never come out with new content again would be a tragedy in my eyes. Rick and Morty is confirmed for a second season, and I hope to whatever the hell the humans of 1 billion AD worship that ET Excursion is. Well not confirmed for a second seaon but continues. If ET Excursion is ever picked up by a company or network I'll die of excitement. Rick and Morty definitely won't hurt your chances of it being picked up, in fact it'd probably boost your chances. They're JUST similar enough to draw from the same fanbase.

EVanimations responds:

This was really uplifting. Thank you.

I'm no longer worried about this at this point since I wrote this in April, apparently. I'm still working on ET Excusion, don't you worry, and in fact I'm putting a lot of effort into making it a really real thing staffed by dozens of people as you hoped.


2014-04-11 19:36:38

love R&M. Don't really have a favorite episode, they are all good so far.

Don't be hard on yourself though. I see ET Excursion as a different unique thing. Sure you may borrow certain elements from other things (not that I'm accusing you of doing so) but your series is well defined in its own way. I cannot think of other media besides your animations that fully explore the possibility of the greys being future humans. I see that here and there but you are the first one noticed to actually make something more about it. Besides, R&M doesn't have a lord dick-tard-us, or a future alien grey concept, or slendy references. (Yea, I saw him in the 20th century guys room.).

Don't let people discourage you, chances are the most people who can't see the differences to your show and R&M are probably little kids trying to be stupid anyways.

Keep up the excellent work! You are really good! -fmn335

EVanimations responds:

Oh yeah, I do borrow concepts and sometimes parody them. I'm not offended by suggestions that I borrow stuff. For the premise I was inspired by Dr Who, Invader Zim, and Spore in particular.
With the latest one I was heavily inspired by WH40k, and decided to call to attention how silly something can be if it's too dark/ takes itself too seriously.


2014-04-10 08:23:40

If you realize, there isn't even time travel in Rick and Morty yet, (i think) they just jump through dimensions, and i don't know why are you worried about that anyway, it's not like they invented all that sciency stuff or were the first ones to use it in a show. It's funny cos before i discovered Rick and Morty i was having in my head some ideas for stories involving that kinda stuff too, i think it's like the zombies theme, just less popular.

EVanimations responds:

I think it's because people are just starting to realize that science fiction is awesome and compelling, and not just for dorks.


2014-04-09 23:22:26

Rick & Morty is probably one of the funniest, more fucked up cartoons ever. I don't think theres and episode I didn't like so far. Just about ever episode I had to say "That's fucked up..." and just sit there and think about my life for a little.

By the way you can't really be copying R&M if you came out with the series first and also your series seems more I'm time traveling (I've only seen the 1st episode just now...), R&M is actually more of alternate realities/universes. Similar but slightly different I guess...but the thing is man, don't let a (pretty amazing) TV series stop you. Your shit seems unique anyways so keep up the good work bro.

(Updated ) EVanimations responds:

Maybe I'm overthinking it.

I guess I'm paranoid about accusations of being unoriginal because it's happened to me before, my first popular flash Beauty is Humanity was accused of being ripped off a flash game I hadn't played until I was told about it 50+ times.

After all, all manner of sci-fi kitchen sink shows have been done, like Doctor Who, Invader Zim, the Twilight Zone, Futurama to name a few.

Anyway, thanks for your support, I'm over this crisis.


2014-04-09 21:17:14

That's on my list of things to watch once I clear up my bizarre schedule heh. You can use it as a motivator and have it be your friendly rival making you strive to go bigger and better. I call it "Ryu-and-Kenning" : D

(Updated ) EVanimations responds:

Heh, well here's the pilot if you wanted to know. Don't have to stay up till 10:30 to watch a good show, now do we, thanks to THE INTERNET!!!

I guess the best thing I have going for me is that the character dynamic is totally different, but the premises bear a lot of resemblance. The fact that Xleek has little emotional attachment to his test subjects allows for some humorous cruelty.

Now back to watching more Rick and Morty.